The Beer

Caybrew ® is a smooth, full bodied premium lager, with a crisp , clean hop character which was awarded international gold medal for quality by the Monde Selection Jury in Brussels 2008. Caybrew is available in returnable bottles, cans and draught.

CayLight ® is a premium light beer and is proudly brewed to the highest international standards and environmental practices for which The Cayman Islands Brewery (CIB) is well known. CayLight has an alcohol content of 3.5% and only 95 calories. CayLight is available in returnable bottles, cans and on draught.


Ironshore BockIronshore Bock
Ironshore Bock is an amber beer made with specialty hops from Washington States Cascade Mountains. The Cascade hops give the beer its crispy after taste. Three speciality malts are used along with the Pilsner malt. Black Malt gives the beer the amber / reddish color. Crystal and Munich malt gives the beer a roasted flavor. Ironshore Bock is available in cans and on draught.


White Tip Lager
White Tip Lager is a moderate bodied pilsen lager, brewed in the style of a European premium brand. The finest malt and additional aroma hops provide the beer with extra flavour and a smooth bitterness. Golden in colour with a clean crisp palate, the beer has extra maturation time to achieve the 5.2% ABV and smooth flavours.

5 cents per can go to the Cayman Department of Environment, Marine conservation project and Save our Seas.


The Process

All beer can be classified as either an ale or a lager. The differences begin during the brewing process, as defined by the type of yeast used in the brew and the temperature at which fermentation takes place. Lagers are brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast which ferments more slowly and at colder temperatures.

Traditionally bottom yeast will ferment at cold temperatures less than 10 deg C. Caybrew fermentation takes place at 12 to 18 deg C. This cold or deep fermentation allows the malt and hops to assert their fine flavors. Lager tends to be paler, drier and less alcoholic than ales.

It takes nearly three weeks to produce Caybrew and CayLight. That’s seven days in fermentation, ten days lagering and one day in the bottling tank.

The 6 steps to brewing a refreshing Caybrew and CayLight are:

1. Brewing

2. Fermentation

3. Storage

4. Filtration

5. Pasteurization

6. Packaging


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